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With previous years showing a rise in ecological awareness and customer interest, sustainability in the cosmetic packaging industry is  considered a fad. It has ended up being an accepted pattern, and anticipated to become an international lifestyle. In addition to consumers’ growing earth-friendly attitudes, corporate boards have actually likewise caught wind of the results of sustainable practices on profitability, and have actually propelled efforts into high equipment. Although the approach sustainable packaging has been brewing for rather some time, conditions are now right for gale-force change.

Sustainability and going green is a requirement that customers are requiring of particular markets, and the cosmetic packaging industry is one of these. Environmentally friendly is something that is most searched for and thus items that are advertised as environment-friendly are a success. Using alternative materials, changing the design process and integrating eco-friendly additives, numerous cosmetic packaging companies are accepting the environment-friendly mind-set. Sustainability is quick acquiring momentum as due a variety of elements some of which are target market, competition, supply chain, non-government companies, federal government, media, etc. With sustainability being accepted by consumers, merchants, manufacturers and world governments, it is predicted that eco-friendly packaging would almost double in revenues by 2020. A current research study has also anticipated that plastic based packaging will be the fastest growing section of sustainability as more eco-friendly plastic alternatives become offered. No doubt that plastic is common in nearly every packaging sector, the cosmetic packaging market is likewise no different. The stress on land fill can be reduced by the cosmetic packaging market with using more eco-friendly plastics and light-weighting” packaging.

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Cosmetic packaging designers are responsible for designing the shapes and patterns of cosmetic bottles. It is possible to reduce the number of plastics, and sustainability is a key issue in packaging. Designers have the right to include their input. Designers now bring responsibility for minimizing the plastic in the bottle. It is inevitable that plastics will be completely removed from cosmetic packaging. There are other alternatives that are not only more sustainable but also add a richer sense to the product.

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