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We seldom consider it, every time we open a food product that we bought at the shop we are taking benefit of thousands of years’ worth of development in food packaging. Whether it’s the cardboard box holding our cereal, the glass container holding our olives, the paper sack holding our popcorn or the plastic bag our macaroni comes in, the method our food is packaged is significantly crucial and contributes in the lives of each Australian every day. Discover more about the development of food packaging supplies by continuing reading below.

Paper has its origins in 2nd century BC China, when people began wrapping their food in mulberry bark. This most likely marked the first time in history that individuals picked not to eat their food as quickly as they came across it, picking rather to conserve it for later on.

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In 1867, paper making became a lot easier when people found that cellulose might be found in wood pulp. Paper use took off, and it began being used in a great deal of different food packaging applications. The paper bags that became so common in England around the 1840s segued into the cotton flour sacks that ended up being the standard for numerous various things. Throughout the 1870s, cartons were very first invented and came into popular usage. The primary foodstuff that moved containers and cardboard into severe appeal were cereals – particularly when popular kinds of cereal were introduced by the Kellogg’s business.

While paper might perhaps be considered the very first mainstream type of food packaging and is still widely used as such today, there’s no question that the introduction of plastics in food packaging throughout the late 1970s and the early 1980s altered things a lot. Plastic was found in the 19th century but didn’t discover prevalent, mainstream use until the late 20th century. In addition to plastic containers, cellophane and other kinds of transparent packaging are typically used to package food and are constructed out of plastic, too.

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Interestingly, as more and more people pay attention to environmental protection, paper packaging is used more often! Although paper packaging increases the use of trees, it is a degradable material that does not cause any pollution to the environment. On the other hand, although plastic packaging can be reused, it cannot be degraded, and it will not be degraded even within 100 years. It is a great environmental hazard. At the same time, creative product packaging design can be based on practicality, so that the carton has the function of reuse.


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