cardboard paper food packaging boxes

Food packaging has been shown to be extremely important for many reasons. First of all, food packaging can effectively avoid direct contact with the product in the environment and avoid possible contamination. This package ensures cleanliness and minimizes the possibility of product contamination. Secondly, all foods need to comply with various national certifications, and various instructions and certificates can be added on custom packaging so that consumers can make reference for purchasing decisions.

There are several distinct forms of food packaging stuff, however, the most frequent are paper, glass, plastic, fiberboard, aluminum and steel, each having its own properties, benefits and pitfalls.

The most common food packaging for paper wrapping paper is highly moldable and can be shaped into square, rectangular, triangular, rectangular and cylindrical packaging. Various kinds of content can be printed on the paper packaging, and the high-end printing technology can easily be reflected. More importantly, paper food packaging in many food packaging, the manufacturing cost is the cheapest, and the small-scale production will not make the cost too high.

Corrugated paper food packaging

Glass is undoubtedly one of the earliest food packaging and is used primarily for liquid packaging. Due to its high degree of tightness and corrosion resistance, it is most commonly found in juice packaging. However, due to the fragile nature of the glass and the fact that the glass itself is heavier in weight, the glass container is gradually replaced by the plastic container because of the impact resistance of the plastic, which is lighter and more powerful. However, glass is still a popular packaging material and may be easily recycled or reused. Glass packaging is difficult to print, so labels will be used to advertise the brand.

Glass bottle food packaging wholesale

Aluminum is a valuable metal, usually shaped as round boxes, using different diameters and heights, and is commonly used for carbonated beverage packaging such as cola. In addition, it can be easily recycled, effectively reducing production costs and avoiding waste of resources.

Vinyl is the basic material for plastic packaging. It can also be used for food packaging to effectively avoid food contamination problems. Due to its many advantages, plastics generally provide better choices for more packaging materials, and it is used for apparently endless applications. It is also very practical and flexible, light weight, and cost-effective. It can be recycled, but the amount that can be recycled depends on the type of plastic.

plastic food packaging boxes wholesale

I believe you have been engaged in the food industry and want to gain a bigger market share. However, if you want to play brand value and brand effect, you need to customize the packaging according to the actual situation of the food. Printing  packaging are the external instructions and business cards of foods, and they are the first step in people’s understanding of products. Creative food packaging will be the brand’s best promotional channel, and it will help sales to double.

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