Here we provide all paper tube packaging wholesale solutions to fit for any of your demands for this kind of special form package for any means of usage, including cosmetic tube packaging that can be used for maquillage products, lipstick, face powder, and perfume, solid or liquid stuff, for having the best package for best goods that make people beautiful. If you are looking for good food tube packaging or that of candy, here you can find all kinds that adapts to sanitary and health demands, as well as that of good esthetic effect that can raise the interest of taste. The cylinder packaging can be made of Kraft paper, clear plastic, cardboard, copperplate paper or any material that suits your demands. You can also have your cube, cuboid, hexagon, triangle or round tube box packaging, in any shape you want. We also provide here tube packaging for shirt, socks, card, toy, because actually you can customize in any terms of the tube packaging to have you very unique one. There are also lots of colors available for you to choose, red, green, purple, yellow, or white round boxes packaging can all be your great choice for packing your special products. Here you can also get your custom gift tube packaging for any special circumstances or festivals, birthday, ceremony, Christmas or New Year, to help to boost your sales effectively.