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With the development and prosperity of society, we attach more importance to packaging. We care about our product packaging boxes just as much as we care about our appearance, and we want to show our customers the best aspects. Even if there is a little gift, we would like to send it out in a beautiful package. It reveals our honesty and kindness to the recipient. More importantly, it allows them to know our respect for them.If you as a product brand, you need to customize the product packaging, so that the brand products and other products are distinguished, telling us the difference between brand products and other products. This is critical for product marketing.

According to the material can be divided into wooden boxes, card boxes, kraft paper packaging, plastic packaging. According to the product name, it can be divided into gift boxes, cosmetics packaging, electronic product packaging, wine boxes, chocolate boxes and food packaging boxes. Each type of product packaging can be combined using different materials, with four-color printing or spot color printing to customize the packaging boxes.

In fact, the impact of the box is not just what I mentioned in the previous article. More precisely, consumers believe that the quality and aesthetics of the packaging boxes are related to the overall quality of the item.

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Now we will pay more attention to appearance and packaging. For example, if you see the expression of the packaging is numb, then your product packaging does not have any attraction, it will not be remembered by consumers. Therefore, product packaging requires a great deal of time and effort in packaging design to ensure that packaging creates a strong visual impact on consumers and tells consumers directly what products it belongs to. High quality and beautiful packaging are necessary because they can attract the attention of customers. At the same time, they let the recipient understand our sincerity.

However, it is an ecologically conscious duration too. We constantly slam overdressed packaging. Overdressed packaging will squander many resources. After we take out the items, it seems that the packaging boxes are ineffective. Throwing them away perhaps the best choice. It leads to the waste of resources. Let me take the circumstances. It is difficult to recycle those moon cake boxes which are overdressed. Since these moon cake boxes are blended with adhesive and plastic, so they are tough to made into paper. Numerous makers are not happy to purchase them. It makes the waste of resources. Nevertheless appropriate packaging is needed also.

wholesale luxury square cardboard cosmetics packaging boxes

Although inappropriate packaging wastes resources, we still need a box. We need to change our thinking and assign custom packaging to more functions, such as using it as a storage box after use, to avoid wasting resources and making the product more popular.

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  1. I recognize your article’s point of view, and the benefits of custom packaging are many. I think that custom packaging has a positive effect on brand promotion and is an invisible brand asset.

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