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Successful packaging design should be part of the brand’s plan, reflecting the characteristics of the product, and to not reflect a designer’s specific style. Occasionally designers may get caught up in the work and bring too much of the personal style into a design for the product’s packaging. So it is always a fantastic idea to remind everyone on the team that the celebrity of the campaign is the product — maybe not the design. The design of the package should reflect what’s ideal for selling the item, not the designer’s special fashion or personality.

This might appear obvious, but a quick tour around the aisles of a store will demonstrate how frequently this and other basic design principles are ignored. By way of instance, a script or cursive font may be the hot new typeface, but it may also be more difficult to read than a simple font as the shopper immediately scans the store shelves.

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Another very simple legibility rule is to use brightly colored lettering on a dark background and dark colored lettering on a light background. Busy shoppers will hurry to choose what they need when they are at the store. Good packaging design will be an important vehicle for attracting their attention and a prerequisite for successful sales. And one simpler legibility rule can help you — it is easier to read upper and lower case lettering instead of all upper case, particularly using longer words. Not only do you want the shopper to detect your goods on the shelf, you need them to be able to easily read and recognize what the product is and how it makes life better.

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A fantastic design should be able to stand up to the “5 and 5” rule: that the shopper will typically only spend about 5 minutes of their time at a distance of 5 feet in the shelf to ascertain whether your product goes into their shopping cart. The more professionally designed a package is the more likely it will represent your product efficiently,and the more likely it is to get noticed by the customer.

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