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Best selling Gift  packaging

Maybe you want to make your gift selling better, or you are searching for better gift boxes packaging suppliers. We will be your best partner. In Fonmoo package, you will get any range of gift packages, including food series, jewelry series, holiday product packaging series and gift card series. We can guarantee that every gift boxes you receive is of high quality, as packages will have a rigorous inspection process before leaving the factory.

For a large number of gift product packaging, there will be gift knot, pasted or printed on the custom package boxes. To paste the custom knot on the gift box, we will use different styles of glue, to ensure that just a little glue can guarantee the stickiness in different boxes. At the edge of the box, while producing custom product, each edge needs to be smooth and without raised folds. We have been doing very well on these details, using details to defeat our packaging competitors.

You can contact us at any time by ordering the quantity, price, and delivery time of the product package. We offer a variety of product box packaging in MOQ of 1000, the delivery time is determined according to the actual order time, but can guarantee that the delivery is within the agreed delivery time. And we are direct packaging manufacturers, to provide you with the most favorable package wholesale prices.