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If you are looking for safe and affordable food packaging, Fonmoo packaging is undoubtedly the best choice for you. We are packaging supplier from China, with our own production management system that can provide you with the best ex-factory price. You do not need to worry about ordering quantity. Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces and the maximum supply capacity is 50000 pieces per month.

You do not need to worry about custom food box packaging, and we offer thousands of boxes in dozens of product ranges, including packages for pizza, cake, wine, chocolate and so on. No matter which type of packaging you want to customize, we have a wealth of production experience. At the same time, for food packaging safety issues, we apply the international food packaging safety standards, all our workshops and production systems have a strict QC management to ensure that the production of customized packaging is in line with the demands.

We have strict standards for custom packaging and scheduling delivery. Once we received your inquiry, we will confirm with you the details of the problem, arrange proofing production, with your confirmation of product packaging details, and then negotiate a delivery time. The factory has a strict row orders, according to the actual delivery time, arranges 1-3 days in advance for all the packaging, to ensure on-time delivery of logistics and express delivery, to ensure that you can receive customized packaging on time.