Watch packaging can usually be divided into four types, in general: imitation wood type, artificial leather type, paper type and plastic type. Watches of different positioning use different types of product packaging.

Although wooden watch box is high-end, but it is not as popular as the packaging of goods, because the manufacturing cost is expensive, and it is bulky, inconvenient to carry. Imitated wood watch packaging, using a variety of different colors and styles of wood paper, does not only have the high-end atmosphere as the wooden box, but also is more plastic, more portable to be carried, get a custom packaging with low cost, suitable for high-end watches gift packaging.

Artificial leather watch box packaging is the most popular watch product packaging. Using black, brown, red and other different colors and different lines of leather paper, pasted on the cardboard or plastic surface. This leather-like product packaging, while reducing costs, also has the luxury of leather packaging, an increase of watch the added value.

Plastic watch boxes packaging, mainly transparent packaging and translucent pvc boxes. The plastic packaging has now become a fashion package, more and more people recognized it. Innovative transparent plastic packaging, through the design of the entire packaging structure, especially the design and packaging of the edge of the edge, can enhance largely the added value for the watch. And transparent packaging for watches show all the details, and promote sales.

Watch carton packaging, using cardboard or coated paper as raw material, is suitable for smart watches or children’s watches. For paper watch box, the use of the upper and lower cover or clamshell way, belonging to the range of manual box. We have our own factory, can strictly control every aspect of production, and on time delivery, so we can provide you with the best custom packaging.