Since the birth of the first Plastic packaging in human history, its use has extended to a great range. From earplugs pvc boxes package to toy pvc package, as well as extended to other more products using plastic packaging box. Plastic boxes has got, from the transparent packaging, translucent packaging of the beginning, to plastic printing packaging. In the packaging and processing technology, it goes more and more mature, it now reaches the carton packaging standards, but the custom cost and water resistance is far better than carton packaging.

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Choose Fonmoo packaging, not only for getting plastic box packaging design improvements and free samples, but also is a way to be able to get the most favorable wholesale prices. We are the direct packaging manufacturer, the wholesale price is 30% less than the average market wholesale price, and the larger the quantity ordered, the greater the discount will be. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the delivery problem at all. We will arrange the production according to your requirements and guarantee delivery within the stipulated time. It should be noted that our MOQ is 500, which is not available among most packaging manufacturers. Feel free to contact us.