90% of the world’s product packaging use paper packaging boxes, as paper is easy to print, has good color effect and light in weight and so on. Thousands of modules of paper box package are widely used in cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, food, underwear, gifts and so on. Fonmoo packaging provides customized product packaging, you can choose a different sizes, each packaging can bring a brand logo or name, to achieve a good publicity in the market.

Custom cosmetics box packaging, using hot stamping or hot silver printing for logo or brand name, plays an important role in promoting the product. Packaging design uses product images as the main elements of cosmetic packaging design, and is intuitive but very attractive, but also can intuitively reflect the product features. For the perfume packaging, skin care products packaging and eyelash wrap, etc., having an inner box is a better choice, as it’s solid and can well protect the product.

For custom high-grade paper box packaging, you can choose the type of cardboard boxes, and the surface using special paper as a binding paper. Also you can choose gold cardboard or silver cardboard, the entire package gives a feeling to customers of gold or silver plated, can greatly enhance the value of the product, and are commonly used for high-end gifts or chocolate food. Or you can use the laser paper as a Christmas gift packaging stickers, regardless of which side of the gift box has a reflection of light spots. The application of wood paper, leather paper, litchi paper, etc. in the electronic packaging or jewelry packaging, adds a classical atmosphere, the decorative effect of the entire package, or the simulation effect is very good, the cost of custom packaging is very low.

What sets us apart from other packaging manufacturers is that we have a strong design team that can improve the packaging design for you, which is hard for other packaging providers to do. In timeliness, because we have a professional proofing department, so we are able to give samples within 2 hours for verifying the details; and professional packaging production system, so that we are able to deliver within the agreed delivery time.