Textile packaging classification

Best selling Textile packaging

We can provide you the finished textile packaging, the most common ones are clothing packaging and underwear packaging, textile packaging is also one of the most customized packaging category we provide.

In an underwear box, the logo is usually made with gold foil printing process, and each side has a logo, so that consumers can easily be touched with a halo effect, buy the brand and remember the underwear brand. The main pattern of the package uses a variety of styles of female models endorsement, wearing that underwear makes them more sexy, getting more consumers flirting to buy. Each of the packaging design is different, corresponding to different models, getting different consumer groups into potential target customers. Among our customers, the famous Italian lingerie brand “LOVE” uses this design approach, annually entrust Fonmoo packaging company to produce dozens of new underwear packaging, using the attractive packaging to promote the business as to enhance and occupy more market share .

In terms of the textile packaging structure, in addition to square-based packaging, there are many different structural packaging. Tube packaging can be used for socks, shirts, gloves, etc .; the product packaging with a window is more intuitive. And no matter what kind of material or different sizes of custom product box packaging you need, we can provide them, because all the product packaging is a custom.