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As a professional jewelry boxes packaging supplier, we provide a full range of packaging styles, covering the rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other product packaging. If only to provide the existing jewelry package, or can not provide packaging design improvement services, and even can not provide free proofing services, it is difficult to become qualified packaging manufacturers. Fortunately, we have our own packaging proofing equipment that can provide you with samples for free within 2 hours of receipt of the package file you have identified. Meanwhile, our team of designers will keep discussing with you how to improve the customization Packaging, including the structure and other aspects.
In the custom packaging process, if the quality of the jewelry box packaging does not meet your requirements, or delivery time can not be delivered, this is a very bad business process. However, if you choose us, these problems will not occur because we have our own production system, advanced production equipment, strict requirements for every jewelry package, ensure the products you receive are of the highest quality. It is noteworthy that since we are the direct supplier, we offer the cheapest ex-factory price, which is 30% less than the wholesale price in the market and the larger the quantity ordered, the greater the discount.