Electronic packaging classification

Best selling Electronic packaging

High value-added products, such as electronic products, will choose cardboard Electronic packaging boxes, commonly we can see mobile box packaging, watch box packaging, high-end earplug boxes, and audio packaging boxes. Small cardboard boxes is more suitable for Intelligent electronic product packaging, using 3D printing or special paper as a sticker, the effect is undoubtedly the best.

Among watch packaging series, the mainstream is the fashion carton packaging and watch fake leather packaging. For fake leather watch box packaging, the main material is cardboard or plastic, and fake leather paper as a paste paper, there is a effect of leather packaging, a good choice for classic watch. Most smartwatches will use wood grain paper or 3D printing paper as the surface sticky paper, mainly in a small-sized package, economizing the space as much as possible, reducing the consumption of packaging material resources and saving the custom packaging cost.

Most cell phone packaging will also be used in the form of cardboard boxes, along with the development of miniaturization of the package, there will be internal packaging, the internal space is dispersed in a number of separate spaces. For mobile phone accessories packaging, there have been a lot of changes. Mobile phone charger and ordinary earplugs, mostly in a form printed pvc boxes packaging, has a transparent plastic packaging as an inner box, it can fix and protect the mobile phone accessories. Among mobile phone accessories, the one in the most diverse form is cell phone tempered protective film, you can use kraft paper boxes, copper cartons, cardboard boxes, etc., to be affixed to the surface of the box in the form of a bookmark, as a symbol of difference between the style and model logo.

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