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No product brand can refuse a unique paper packaging boxes, we can provide you with all types of paper boxes packaging. Among the many product packaging, the most popular is the small cardboard box packaging, which is widely used in cosmetics, small gifts, jewelry and small electronic products, it plays a protective and advocacy role to the products. If you think that the MOQ is very large for custom carton product packaging, that is a misunderstanding. Fonmoo packaging provides customized packaging of which the MOQ is 500-1000, we can also provide you with free packaging proofing services. Although our MOQ is small, our custom packaging production has a maximum monthly supply capacity of 5 million units, without need to worry about production capacity and delivery issues.

A full range of carton packaging production is provided. The types of packaging we provide are not only cardboard boxes, but also corrugated boxes, kraft paper boxes, copper boxes and so on. While there may not always be any extraordinary innovation in the design of packaging structures, flat-open packaging designs are the most popular. For example, the pizza boxes uses the close-up delicious pizza image to well cause people’s appetite; there was a time when a customer choose a package because of the beautiful model pattern on it. With common structural design, creative graphic design or even 3D printing, consumers have no reason to reject your product, through the packaging design, they become your product brand’s loyal customers. The high quality requirements for custom packaging are not only high requirements for packaging design but also very high for custom packaging manufacturers and we are able to provide the best service for you.